Past PRI Events

Jan 2008 (OKC) A New Vision for Corrections
April 2008 (Tulsa)

Featured Speakers: Director Justin Jones, ODOC
Dr. Christopher Hill, Criminal Justice Resource Center

July 2008 (OKC/Tulsa) Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Featured Speakers: Commissioner Terri White, ODMHSAS

Hon. Carol Hubbard, Special Judge, Oklahoma County District Court

Dr. Robert Powitzky, PhD, Chief Mental Health Officer, ODOC

Nov 2008 (OKC/Tulsa) Employment and Job Training

Featured Speakers: Norma Noble, Deputy Secretary of Commerce

Jim Meek, Assistant Superintendent, CareerTech Skills Centers

April 2009 (OKC) Mentoring and Support Groups

Featured Speaker: Tom Pace, Author and CEO of Pace-Butler Corporation

July 2009 (OKC/Tulsa) Children and Families

Featured Speaker: Marq Youngblood, COO, OKDHS

Nov 2009 (OKC) Symptoms of Personality Disorders

Featured Speaker: James Keithley, PhD, ODOC

Jan 2010 (Tulsa) Public Policies of Alienation

Featured Speakers: Legislative Panel

April 2010 (Tulsa, OKC) Reality Check: What Works and What Doesn't in Community-
                                     Based Sex Offender Management

Presenter & Presentation Details HERE

May 2010 (OKC) Public Policies of Alienation

Featured Speakers: Legislative Panel

July 2010 (OKC, Tulsa) The Generational Curse - Intergenerational Incarceration

Online Copies of Presentations HERE

November 2010 (OKC, Tulsa) Giving Back: A Celebration of Success Stories

October 2011 (OKC) Healing Communities Training

September 2012 (OKC) Sex Offender Reentry

Online Copies of Presentations:

Past Event Photos

The photo gallery below contains pictures from past PRI forums and other events.