OPSR has several strategic initiatives underway.                       View the OPSR "Dashboard"

The "G2" Reentry Coalition Network

We launched out in September, 2011 to create a network of local prisoner reentry coalitions across Oklahoma, and it has been way more successful than any of us ever could have hoped. We now have 12 active coalitions and more coming all the time. (Learn more...)

The "G2" Pilot Project

OPSR is joining with one of our main partners, the Genesis One Network, to pilot the "G2" Project. At one prison in Oklahoma, we will build upon the solid success of Genesis One and create a "Generic Genesis" (thus, "G2") model, which will use many of the proven features of Genesis One, but will open it up to all the offenders on the yard. We are still in the planning stages, but hope to be in full swing by January of 2013.

RIO-CON 2013

We are planning for a major statewide reentry convention, targeted for April 9 & 10 in OKC. More details will be published soon.

Bridges Out of Poverty Statewide Campaign

We worked closely with the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives ("OFBCI") and others in a strategic partnership to help break the cycle of generational poverty in Oklahoma. Poverty is a root factor in the incarceration cycle that devastates many families and individuals. Breaking the poverty cycle is one of the most strategic things we can do to reduce recidivism in the State of Oklahoma. (Learn more...)

Healing Communities

We are the selected partner of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) to co-sponsor a formal implementation of the Healing Communities movement in Oklahoma. Local churches are the key to bringing healing and meaningful prisoner reentry solutions to our communities. You can read more about how to involve your congregation to become a "Station of Hope" here. Also, we have helped launch the Oklahoma League of Healing Communities, which can be found online here.

Prisoner Reentry Initiatives ("PRI's")

OPSR has been privileged to co-sponsor a long series of Prisoner Reentry Initiatives ("PRI") educational and networking seminars in the state. These events (see list of previous PRI's here) have been instrumental in educating leaders, practitioners, and citizens to the various issues surrounding the reintegration of ex-felons into society.